WATCH: 340B TPA Pricing with Bryan Murray

March 23, 2022 at 1:00pm (EDT)

340B TPA Pricing Webinar.mp4 from tangoRx on Vimeo.

Join Dinsmore’s Bryan Murray as he partners with TangoRx to discuss selection process criteria and due diligence for selecting Contract Pharmacy (CP) and Third Party Administrator (TPA) partners. Murray, a partner in Dinsmore’s Health Care group, has nearly a decade of experience working on 340B.

Key discussion points include:

  1. Understanding what services one should expect from their TPA partner,
  2. Identification criteria for a good CP relationship,
  3. Demystification of the various TPA and CP pharmacy pricing models that are out there, and
  4. Warning signs when complex and/or convoluted pricing models either do not have the best interest of the CE (covered entity) in mind or are predatory.

Don't miss this informative session. For additional questions about 340B, please reach out to Bryan directly.