Executive Compensation


Executive Employment and Compensation Agreements

We have represented numerous clients in the negotiation of executive employment and compensation agreements on initial hiring and in the private equity, venture capital, and mergers and acquisition context.

Co-Management Agreements

Represented subspecialty physician practices to craft the terms of co-management agreements with hospital systems under which the physician practices assumed responsibility to manage and administer the delivery of care throughout a service line and across multiple facilities. Agreements included negotiation of best practice protocols, terms for quality assurance reviews, staffing, and terms for compensation that satisfied federal and state physician self-referral and antikickback requirements.

Data Registry Agreement

Worked with a physician-hospital organization, and an independent physicians association affiliated with River Valley Pediatricians, to craft a patient data sharing arrangement with area hospitals and physicians to effect, through HealthBridge, a health information exchange, an agreement that allows for the exchange of digital data and electronic medical records for pediatric patients with asthma. The negotiations resulted in an agreement that complies with the relevant state and federal privacy issues and terms of various federal programs that fund programs to facilitate the electronic interchange of records and data.

Recruitment Agreements

Worked with a large hospital and care facility in West Virginia to recruit physicians as hospital employees and as employees of community-based practices. Negotiated and drafted three-party agreements among the hospital, community-based physician groups and physicians that incorporated the desired terms of employment and financial assistance to community-based physician groups in a manner that satisfied the parties’ business needs and objectives while complying with federal and state regulations, including antikickback and physician self-referral regulations.