Cross-Border Acquisition

Dinsmore & Shohl recently represented CollabNet, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based company that is the recognized leader in Agile lifecycle management in the Cloud, in its acquisition of Codesion, Inc. (formerly CVS Dude) in a multi-step cross-border merger and reorganization transaction. Codesion is an Australian-based company that provides the world’s leading enterprise-grade Subversion hosting platform and serves more than 3,400 customers and 70,000 users in 90 countries. CollabNet founded the industry-leading Subversion open source project in 2000 and remains the project’s principal sponsor. The CollabNet TeamForge ALM platform, CollabNet Subversion software configuration management (SCM) solution, and ScrumWorks® project and program management software enable teams using any environment, methodology, and technology to increase productivity by up to 50% and to reduce the cost of software development by up to 80%.