Helping the Cincinnati Reds Protect Its Brand Integrity

The name of the game
Dinsmore provides Reds trademark protection

From the regal, stark-white “C” against a red background to the distinctive handlebar mustache of Mr. Redlegs, the Cincinnati Reds own a number of unique brands, labels and mascots that contribute to its status as one of Major League Baseball’s most popular teams. Marketing and brand recognition play an integral role in the growth and success of any professional sports franchise and the Reds trust Dinsmore to protect an important part of its identity.

Leveraging extensive trademark experience and a thorough understanding of MLB licensing regulations, Dinsmore attorneys work to support the Reds proactive approach to merchandising, licensing and broadcasting.  Dinsmore is adept at searching federal, state and local registries, as well as performing availability and clearance searches, to help the Reds aggressively promote and expand its brands without exposing the Club to unnecessary risk.  Conversely, Dinsmore also helps the Reds protect its brand integrity by ensuring that merchandise and broadcasting rights are registered and cleared through the proper channels.  Should unauthorized use of the team name or marks be detected, Dinsmore also serves as local enforcement counsel.

Protecting the brands of a team that simultaneously competes against and cooperates with other clubs under MLB marketing and licensing ventures is challenging.  Through collaboration with MLB officials on league-wide licensing matters, Dinsmore is able to shepherd the Reds through the trademark registration process in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Whether it’s clearing new uniform designs, acquiring domain names or safeguarding fan-favorite mascots, Dinsmore works hand-in-hand with the Reds to strengthen and grow its brands.  Marketing and merchandising revenue are vital to driving future club revenue and Dinsmore is committed to searching, clearing, registering and protecting the marks fans identify as uniquely Reds.