Multiple Clients

Examples of Mr. Selent’s experience include the following:

  • Representing a large aluminum smelter in its efforts to re-enter the service territory of a large electric utility.
  • Representing twelve ILECs in the negotiation and arbitration of ICAs with CMRS carriers.
  • Representing an ILEC, under traditional rate of return regulation, in its efforts to obtain a rate increase.
  • Representing an ILEC in its efforts to obtain access to the utility poles of an electric utility under rates, terms, and conditions identical to those available to cable television companies.
  • Representing a wireless carrier in its efforts to obtain numerous CPCNs from local planning units and utility regulatory commissions.
  • Representing a start-up company in its efforts to establish a wind farm for purposes of providing electricity for transport and sale.
  • Representing a start-up company in its efforts to use landfill gas to produce electricity for transport and sale.
  • Representing a water utility in its efforts to promote efficient solutions to a regional water crisis and discourage another water utility's plans to construct a new water treatment plant.
  • Representing a CLEC in an interconnection arbitration to open effective competition in the 911/E911 services market in Kentucky.
  • Reviewing, negotiating, and effectuating wireless license transfers.
  • Representing 7 ILECs in a regulatory proceeding to determine whether a transit tariff is lawful.
  • Representing a condominium association in an effort to compel appropriate service by a sewage utility.
  • Representing manufacturing operations in securing electricity, gas, steam, and telecommunications services.
  • Representing a CLEC before the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit regarding the opt-in provision of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.
  • Representing wireline and wireless carriers in their efforts to obtain eligible telecommunications carrier status.
  • Counseling wireline and wireless carriers regarding regulatory compliance issues such as customer proprietary network information.
  • Counseling a wireless carrier as it launches new products and services.
  • Drafting legislation establishing alternative regulatory regime for small telephone utilities.