OPW Fueling Components/PISCES Underground Piping Patent Litigation and Related Cases

We are lead counsel for OPW Fueling Components and its PISCES subsidiary in numerous cases involving underground piping patents. Our victory in the initial case permitted OPW to enter into a substantial new product line. We defeated a preliminary injunction motion, obtained a very expedited discovery and trial schedule per OPW’s need for prompt resolution, and prevailed at trial before the U.S. District Court in Philadelphia over contractual and patent challenges to OPW’s right to purchase certain patents and to enter into this business. Total Containment, Inc. v. Osborne, et al., No. 96 7241 (E.D. Pa. 1997). This led to further infringement and contract litigation in which we have represented PISCES (the OPW affiliate which purchased these patents) against several infringers and licensees, which have also been resolved favorably for PISCES. PISCES By OPW v. Total Containment, No. C-1-01-0063 (S.D. Oh. 2001); Environ Products v. PISCES By OPW, No. 02-865 (E.D. Pa. 2002-2003); PISCES By OPW v. Environ Products, No. C-1-02-292 (S.D. Oh. 2002-03); and PISCES By OPW v. Total Containment, No. CIV-02-0543 (S.D. Oh. 2002-04). This also led to currently pending infringement litigation involving these patents. PISCES By OPW v. Advanced Polymer Technology, No. C-1-04-178 (S.D. Oh. 2004-present).