Protecting New Corporate Identity and Innovative R&D

Protecting the Future

Innovation is the driving force behind the growth and sustainability of any business, especially one within a specialized industry. Growing your brand and reputation, as well as protecting your ideas, is an ongoing challenge that requires a thorough understanding of not only the law, but also the industry and the marketplace.

As a former subsidiary of BP Company North America, Tri-Arrows Aluminum faced plenty of challenges in building and safeguarding their new identity after being purchased by a consortium of five Japanese companies in 2011. Following the sale, they turned to Dinsmore, who assumed responsibility for managing existing patent applications and prosecution through the U.S. Patent Office. We have also teamed with Tri-Arrows to begin trademark efforts, working with the U.S. Trademark Office to establish and protect their name and brand in the marketplace. Our attorneys have worked exhaustively to learn the aluminum industry, including the market, price points and competition, in order to strategically place Tri-Arrows on a path to long-term success.

Beyond patents and trademarks, we also have steered Tri-Arrows through a number of research and development agreements, protecting their exploration into ventures that have the potential to impact the aluminum industry. Tri-Arrows’ forward-thinking mentality, combined with Dinsmore’s support and guidance, has enabled them to focus their R&D efforts on both the materials used and the processes employed as they search for competitive advantages.

Working in an industry where significant steps are sometimes hard to come by, Tri-Arrows has employed an aggressive mindset toward protecting their technology and intellectual property, knowing that any competitive advantage could be the determining factor in their success. Dinsmore has become a true partner of Tri-Arrows in this effort, building a level of trust that has paved the way for their continued growth.