Secured a $2.7 million verdict against Insight Communications in a lawsuit filed by a fleet maintenance company

Competition is fierce in the business world, and companies need to stay vigilant in ensuring that there is a level playing ground. When a fleet maintenance company in Louisville alleged that Insight Communications gave its fleet work to a former employee who was providing them kickbacks, they enlisted Dinsmore’s help. We represented Preferred Automotive Services, who had provided fleet maintenance services to Insight Communications before a former Preferred employee left to start his own fleet business. We alleged that Insight moved their fleet business to the former employee in exchange for free repairs on Insight managers’ personal vehicles, as well as cash and gift cards. During the course of the case, Insight hired an outside attorney to investigate the kickback allegations, but declined to release results of the report. Following a nine-day trial in the Jefferson County Circuit Court, a $2.7 million verdict was awarded to our client. In a separate lawsuit, our client also reached a settlement with the former employee.