Successful representation of educator in disciplinary proceeding

The State Board of Education sought to permanently revoke the teaching licenses of our client, a long-time educator in the state of Ohio. The Board alleged that our client improperly disciplined a student with disabilities and disclosed the student’s confidential health information. Eleven witnesses testified at a four day hearing in Columbus, Ohio. Ultimately, Hearing Officer appointed by the Board concluded that a preponderance of evidence did not appear in the hearing record to support the Board’s charges against the principal. As a result, the Hearing Officer recommended that the case be closed without discipline upon the State of Ohio educational licenses held by our client. The State Board of Education rejected the Hearing Officer’s recommendation and suspended the educator’s licenses for five years. We appealed the Board’s decision to the Hamilton County, Ohio Court of Common Pleas. Like the Hearing Officer, the Common Pleas Court judge determined that no discipline was warranted and he vacated the Board’s suspension. The Board appealed the trial court’s decision to the First District Court of Appeals. But the First District dismissed the appeal.

See Ohio State Bd. of Educ. v. Blum, 1st Dist. Hamilton No. C-150427, 2016-Ohio-2918