International Women's Day Interview-Aaliyah Eaves

Dinsmore champions women’s rights and initiatives across all industries, and is proud to celebrate International Women’s Day and the unmatched mark of women in all areas of society. We want to introduce you to some of the women, both attorneys and staff, who help make up the fabric of the firm and contribute to help us accomplish more. Each of them has given their thoughts on the significant impact of women at Dinsmore and in society, as we look to a future of creating a more inclusive culture.

Meet Aaliyah Eaves, Partner Of Counsel

What are the changes you’ve noticed for women in law?

I think in some ways it may have been easier for women to advance in the public sector. I have seen a really dramatic change in culture and tone in the last five years, as well as a willingness to talk about any challenges that women go through and putting action toward fixing those challenges.

How do you view the inclusive culture at Dinsmore?

I think the culture at Dinsmore is outstanding. I have been pleasantly affirmed in what I hoped it would be when I came here last year. I am most impressed with how innovative this firm is when it comes to diversity and inclusion with the programs being put into place, including the Women’s Initiative, to ensure maximum success for our attorneys.

What advice would you give a young female attorney just starting out?

If I were mentoring someone just starting off their career, I would really try to get her to trust herself. You never want to allow people to create doubt in yourself, and you should always have confidence in your own abilities.

What do you like to do for fun?

I love traveling, especially internationally and learning new cultures and languages. I’ve taken 37 trips abroad, visiting a total of 16 countries. I’ve lived in Spain and Germany and studied abroad in Ecuador, Spain, and the United Kingdom. I also speak Spanish fluently, and I know a good amount of the German language.


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