International Women's Day Interview-Barbara Edelman

Dinsmore champions women’s rights and initiatives across all industries, and is proud to celebrate International Women’s Day and the unmatched mark of women in all areas of society. We want to introduce you to some of the women, both attorneys and staff, who help make up the fabric of the firm and contribute to help us accomplish more. Each of them has given their thoughts on the significant impact of women at Dinsmore and in society, as we look to a future of creating a more inclusive culture.


Meet Barbara Edelman, Partner

How has Dinsmore contributed to your professional success?

Being at Dinsmore has been fantastic for my practice. When I started at Dinsmore, we had about 170 attorneys. With the significant growth that has occurred over 23 years, we have laid the groundwork and cemented our place as a competitive and talented law firm. We have a larger footprint, more practice areas, more attorneys, and have had a forward progression I am very proud to be part of. Dinsmore has the bench strength, reputation, and size to elevate our practice and our attorneys. We are leading by example with our intentional efforts toward diversity and inclusion.

How do you view the inclusive culture at the firm?

I think the firm has made huge strides, especially in the last decade.  It has been truly remarkable to bear witness to not only how far the firm has come today but to the proactive actions being taken for the future. We have women performing at the highest levels and receiving the recognition they deserve. Groups like the Women’s Initiative are serving as a community voice and bringing new ideas to the forefront. We’re seeing the ripple effects of women who laid the groundwork for the explosion of progress occurring in our firm.  We are far ahead of the competition on these important issues.

What would you say are some significant challenges for women?

A significant challenge for women, even today, is still a matter of acceptance. I am proud of the work the firm has done to be a progressive firm and a firm that recognizes the contributions of women at all levels. But, women still do not have the full acceptance they deserve.  I am confident this firm will continue to stand out as we work to strengthen our efforts to recruit, retain, and promote women in all areas.

What advice to you have for a young female attorney?

My advice to a male or female attorney is to become a great lawyer. You need to figure out how to be a great lawyer. It’s not an issue of gender. If you are not a great lawyer, nothing else really matters. You can’t short cut this stage of your career. If you have the right work ethic, are ambitious, are driven, have integrity, and if you are a great lawyer, then the sky’s the limit regardless of gender.

What do like to do for fun?

Most importantly, I like to spend time with my family.  I am also a huge University of Kentucky basketball fan. I have also recently taken up golf, and I love to travel.


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