International Women's Day Interview-Silver Han

Dinsmore champions women’s rights and initiatives across all industries, and is proud to celebrate International Women’s Day and the unmatched mark of women in all areas of society. We want to introduce you to some of the women, both attorneys and staff, who help make up the fabric of the firm and contribute to help us accomplish more. Each of them has given their thoughts on the significant impact of women at Dinsmore and in society, as we look to a future of creating a more inclusive culture.

Meet Silver Han, Paralegal

How has Dinsmore contributed to your professional success?

Since coming here, I gained additional experience and learned more valuable information. I initially started at Dinsmore as a legal assistant, and I have since been promoted to the paralegal position. The firm has many resources and support so whenever I need something, there is always someone to assist me and give feedback. I am in an office with a large number of women at all levels, and it has been encouraging to come to work in this type of culture.

As a female employee, how do you view our inclusive culture?

I’ve never felt unequal or felt I wasn’t being given a fair chance because I am a woman. I feel this firm is above many in the industry with its opportunities for women.

With the progress already made, do you feel there are any significant challenges still for women to overcome?

The challenges are always around, but I see the gap getting smaller between women and men. That is a testament to work being done all around the world to ensure equality and change.

What do you like to do for fun?

I have two kids, and I don’t know if I get to have as much fun as I’d like. I’m a crafty person and I also enjoy gardening or going for a hike.


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