Columbus Healthcare Partner Explains What’s Next after Ohioans Approve Recreational Marijuana

March 20, 2024Quotes & Mentions
Columbus Jewish News

In November of 2023, Ohio voters approved a measure that legalized recreational adult use of marijuana.

Known as Issue 2, the measure went into effect the following month. Now, Ohioans over 21 years old do not need a license to buy marijuana.

In a recent article by the Columbus Jewish News, Columbus healthcare partner Dan Zinsmaster discusses the next steps for Issue 2, including how the state legislature plays a role in implementing, and even changing, the law.

Below is an excerpt with Dan’s insight.

While the legislature is working to implement the law, there isn’t a set timeline on when it will be implemented fully, Zukerman said.

“We don’t have any clarity as to how someone can obtain, use, or possess marijuana at this point in time,” he said. “The only way for somebody to legally obtain marijuana in Ohio is through a dispensary. To do so a person must have a medical marijuana card.”

The slow implementation of the law can be traced back to the stalemate between the Ohio Senate, the body wanting to make more substantial changes, and Ohio House of Representatives , the body wanting to make minor changes, about what they want to see altered when it comes to the law, Zinsmaster said.

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