Dinsmore Attorney Dave Wickham Opening Center 'to Spread Joy and Kindness to All'

December 5, 2019Quotes & Mentions
Dayton Daily News

Dinsmore Partner Dave Wickham was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 10 years ago. As part of his journey toward an improved life for himself and the Dayton community at large, Dave and his wife, Jane, are opening a community center called the Joy & Whimsy Depot. The Dayton Daily News has the details:

“Jane and I had this vision to create a place that would display positive, creative and colorful works of art by local and regional artists,” Wickham said. “We wanted people to be able to come in and stay as long as they needed to, then leave with a smile and a renewed spirit of kindness.”

But finding that perfect place wasn’t easy. The couple began looking for abandoned churches and found many that had been sitting empty so long that they would need extensive renovation.

They had a name for their business – “The Joy & Whimsy Depot” — but no physical location.

“The dream was almost dead until one day I was talking to a friend about my life with Parkinson’s,” Wickham said. “She said my whole demeanor changed when I talked about the Depot and my face lit up!”

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