Dinsmore Denver Office Managing Partner Michael Paul: 'We're Striving to Be a Dominant Player'

January 18, 2022Quotes & Mentions

Dinsmore construction partner Michael Paul spoke with Law360 last week about his new role as office managing partner in Dinsmore's Denver office as well as his plans for continued strategic growth for the firm in the Rocky Mountain region. An excerpt is below.

"I'm excited about the new role and I just want to continue what we've already been doing in Denver, which has been growing," Paul told Law360 Pulse. "I also hope we can continue expanding into different areas and continue to diversify the office. We don't want to just be in Denver and the Rocky Mountain region, but we're striving to be a dominant player."


"Dinsmore had a relatively small office in Denver at the time that I joined, but they had a large national footprint," Paul said. "My clients, who tend to be developers and general contractors, needed my help in a lot of places outside the Rocky Mountain region, which my regional firm didn't have the ability to help on. Coming over, it's been fantastic and obviously, Denver continues to explode, especially with construction."

... Dinsmore's overall attorney headcount increased by 14% last year, Paul added that in 2022, he fully expects the Denver office to continue its growth.

"We're actively recruiting people as we speak, and the growth has happened even faster than we anticipated," he said. "We're looking at laterals, but we're also looking to expand our groups. We have a very strong litigation and public finance practice, but we're also looking to grow in areas such as employment, environmental and corporate to ensure that we can handle the needs of all our clients in the Rocky Mountain region."

... Dinsmore is [also] going to be looking at Colorado's law schools for talent recruitment. [Paul] said that as the firm continues to expand its Denver office, it will make diverse recruitment one of its main strategies.

"As we continue to grow, we want to make sure that we have diversity as part of that," Paul said. "Our clients are demanding that now and it's something that's always been important to us."

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