Dinsmore Named ‘Diversity Leader’ by Lawyers of Color

April 23, 2019News Releases

Dinsmore ranks among the top U.S. law firms for its percentage of black attorneys, according to the newly released Black Student’s Guide to Law Schools & Firms. The report, published by nonprofit organization Lawyers of Color, is the first comprehensive listing of black attorney percentages across nearly 400 firms.

Lawyers of Color recognized firms with a black attorney percentage of 3.8 or more as “D&I Leaders.” Dinsmore’s percentage is 5.7, placing it at the 17th spot overall.

“Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is a core part of our culture at Dinsmore, something we take seriously not just as it relates to our people but also in how we are contributing to the legal profession at large,” said Partner and Diversity Committee Chair Marty Dunn. “We’re thrilled to be recognized in this area, particularly in a resource developed for the next generation of diverse attorneys.”

About Lawyers of Color

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