Dinsmore's Allison Bungard Explains How to Avoid Equal Pay Act and FLSA Violations in West Virginia

July 21, 2021Quotes & Mentions
Super Lawyers

Dinsmore's Allison Bungard was quoted in Super Lawyers article "How to Avoid Equal Pay Act and FLSA Violations in West Virginia: Determining exempt versus non-exempt status is key for employers". Click the link for the full article. An excerpt is below.

Wage and hour laws help to ensure that employees are paid properly for their work. Two key federal laws, the Equal Pay Act (EPA) of 1963 and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), must be always followed. One of the most important steps that companies and organizations can take to avoid wage and hour liability is ensuring that their workers are properly classified under these federal statutes.

“There are some general things you need to be doing,” says Allison S. Bungard, an employment attorney at Dinsmore & Shohl in Charleston, West Virginia, “making sure you have regular audits and you comply, making sure they’re confidential, and making sure you’re regularly looking at and updating your policies.”