Indiana Lawyer: Misha Rabinowitch Explains Dinsmore's Continued Growth

July 22, 2021Quotes & Mentions
The Indiana Lawyer

Dinsmore's Indianapolis office managing partner, Misha Rabinowitch, spoke with the Indiana Lawyer this week about the recent growth in the office that saw a 15% increase in attorney headcount and the firm's first local public finance partner. You can read the full article hereAn excerpt is below. 

Misha Rabinowitch, the managing partner of Dinsmore’s Indianapolis office, said the firm is hiring to meet the demands of clients located in Indiana and across the country. Through the merger with Dinsmore, the former Wooden McLaughlin law firm has been “able to expand both the depth and breadth of service” as client demands for legal services is continuing to grow.

“To meet the clients’ needs, we needed to look for more attorneys to do the work,” Rabinowitch said. “…we felt good about the quality and level of service in the areas that we were providing but we are now able to do more for our existing clients and new clients to the firm. (The clients) had broader needs than we could previously accommodate, so we expanded and are now able to offer them a complete suite of services.”


“They’re all talented lawyers that fit our culture,” Rabinowitch said. “We’re excited to have them, and we’re excited to see the growth of our Indianapolis office.”

Rabinowitch said the Indianapolis office has enough space for the new attorneys. However, he noted his office is still looking to hire more lawyers so it may need to grow its physical footprint as well.


“I think Dinsmore has a growth trajectory that is continuing which is a tribute the culture and reputation that they’ve built over a long period of time,” Rabinowitch said.