Dinsmore's Josh Lorentz on Recent Success of Midwest Law Firms

May 22, 2020Quotes & Mentions American Lawyer

Dinsmore Intellectual Property Department Chair Josh Lorentz spoke with American Lawyer this week about the success of Midwestern law firms in 2019 and how they are managing through the pandemic in 2020. Take a look at his words below.

intellectual property attorney

Midwestern law firms located outside of Chicago had a better financial performance in 2019 on average than firms in the city, despite its role as the region’s largest commercial and financial hub.

“There’s a middle of the road that’s getting more attention,” said Joshua Lorentz, the chair of Dinsmore & Shohl’s intellectual property department. Dinsmore in 2019 saw its overall revenue rise by 8.2%.


“[During the pandemic] we haven’t seen much of a [revenue] decrease that our other friends have seen,” Lorentz said. “We continue to look forward and budget for what could happen.”

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