Nonprofit Organizations


Fortune 50 Joint Venture

Our firm represented The Procter & Gamble Company in a research consortium and joint venture with the University of Cincinnati, utilizing a unique combination of tax, non-profit and corporate attorneys to complete a complex transaction.

Property Tax Exemption

Represented a local non-profit corporation that was paying property taxes for a recently acquired parking lot. We prepared an application for property tax exemption, which was approved less than one month after filing it with the Board of Tax Appeals.

Allegations of Negligence and Breach of Contract Against a Non-Profit

We successfully defended a non-profit entity that served as a source of funding for the renovation of a residence in Cincinnati, Ohio. The homeowners asserted claims against our client and the contractor who worked on the residence under a number of legal theories including negligence, breach of contract, and alleged violation of the Consumer Sales Practices Act. After the homeowners settled with the contractor, the claims against our client went to trial. We obtained a defense verdict from the jury on all but one of the claims. The sole claim in which the jury found in favor of the Plaintiffs resulted in a verdict of only $5,000. We appealed the $5,000 verdict, and the court of appeals reversed that portion of the jury’s verdict (leaving intact the portion of the jury’s verdict that returned a defense verdict in favor of our client). Thus, all claims against our client were dismissed.