Developments in Advertising and Consumer Protection

February 13, 2024Articles
The Business Lawyer

In the American Bar Association’s Winter 2023-2024 issue of The Business Lawyer, Dinsmore colleagues Richik Sarkar and Brian Schultz collaborated on “Developments in Advertising and Consumer Protection.” This Cyberspace Law Survey reflects on crucial consumer protection developments with insights on:

  • AI & Data Collection: Learn about regulatory actions addressing data practices around AI.
  • Deceptive Design: Stay informed about efforts to combat "dark patterns" and "negative options" used to manipulate consumers.
  • Testimonials & Endorsements: Understand the FTC's new guidance on ensuring honest marketing claims.
  • TCPA Updates: Discover recent FCC activity and legal battles defining how the law applies to modern communication.
  • State-Level Protections: Explore mini-TCPAs and other state legislation safeguarding consumers.

Richik is co-chair for the ABA Cyberspace Law Committee’s Cyber Insurance Subcommittee and a nationally recognized class action and cybersecurity litigator. Brian, an associate in the Firm’s Cincinnati office, advises clients on regulatory compliance.

Read the article here.