Dinsmore's Richik Sarkar Provides Strategies for Navigating AI Legal Risks to Bloomberg Law

April 24, 2024Articles
Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law has integrated Dinsmore cybersecurity partner Richik Sarkar's “Strategies for Navigating Artificial Intelligence (AI) Legal Risks Checklist” into its popular AI Toolkit as a practical tool for clients.

Based on a recent alert sent to Dinsmore clients, this checklist equips boards and management with the knowledge to navigate the legal risks of AI. It also offers practical guidance for legal teams and strategies to enhance corporate governance.

"Generative artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can revolutionize how businesses operate," Richik says. "AI can undoubtedly enhance decision-making, boost efficiency, and strengthen aspects of data security. However, moving too quickly without adequate planning can create pitfalls in the face of evolving legal frameworks and operational risks. Companies must carefully balance the benefits of AI integration with proactive management of potential legal complications and uninsured liabilities."

Click above for the checklist.