Pennsylvania Releases New Recovery Home Licensure Regulations

December 10, 2021Articles

On Dec. 11, 2021, The Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs will issue final regulations launching a new licensure and certification process for drug and recovery homes doing business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Each individual drug and recovery home operating in Pennsylvania must obtain a license and demonstrate compliance with the final regulations within 180 days of their issuance. Drug and recovery homes that fail to comply with the new regulations will risk substantial civil fines and possible home closure. 

Specifically, the new regulations will require drug and recovery homes to comply with a number of certification standards and license requirements, including the following:

  1. Submission and receipt of approval of an application for a drug and recovery home license;
  2. Submission of written policies and procedures addressing personnel management, fiscal management, personnel training, residency enrollment, medication control and administration, complaint management, family and emergency notifications, resident treatment requirements, and safety, emergency, and unusual incident response.
  3. Appointment of a sufficiently trained house manager who is responsible for administration of the house, staff, and volunteers;
  4. Development and delivery of training for personnel, which must include training on CPR, first aid, infectious diseases, and emergency preparedness; and
  5. Development and implementation of resident rights policies and procedures.

Further, drug and recovery homes will be required to adhere to resident recordkeeping and confidentiality requirements, as well as physical facility requirements and resident discharge standards.

If you or your organization operate a drug and recovery home in Pennsylvania, please contact Dinsmore’s health care attorneys for information or for assistance in complying with the new regulations.