Robert A. Lucas

Commercial Finance

Bobby’s experience includes Commercial Finance, where he represents both borrowers and lenders in secured lending and finance transactions, including mezzanine credit facilities. 

Clients value Bobby’s thorough understanding of corporate and finance law and view him as an ally. He counsels clients - ranging from start-ups and family-owned businesses to publicly traded companies and large privately-held entities. Bobby is known for his thorough review and consideration of legal issues facing his clients, and he takes a holistic approach to any legal issue forecasting any other needs that may arise.  Clients appreciate his understanding of the law from a business perspective and personable style. 

As part of a full-service firm with a national footprint, Bobby utilizes the network of attorneys and other experts available to him to provide value to his clients in a thoughtful, coordinated way.  He takes the time to learn his clients’ business and takes an interest in the success, as if it were his own. 

Bobby assists clients in lender-side representation, including senior credit facilities (cash flow and asset based lending) and real estate backed lending for various regional and super-regional financial institutions.  He also counsels clients on borrower-side representation, including senior credit facilities; mezzanine credit facilities, including those featuring equity components for clients. 

Representative examples of Bobby’s Commercial Finance experience include:


Inversion transaction and cross-border asset sale

We advised a U.S. company that is owned by a European resident with multiple operating companies in Europe on an inversion transaction and cross-border asset sale. The company’s earnings were subject to U.S. taxes, and our role was to remove the U.S. company from the ownership structure and make the operating companies subsidiaries of a foreign parent company, thereby reducing the U.S. taxes. Previously, we advised the client on the related U.S. tax aspects of a loan transaction and refinancing of the European subsidiaries.