Anthony A. Ditka


Public Education Bond Counsel

We have served as bond counsel in the issuance of multiple general obligation, qualified school construction and infrastructure improvement bonds to schools and school districts throughout Pennsylvania for the construction, renovation and improvement of educational and athletic facilities. We have represented an array of school districts, including: Allegheny Valley, Blackhawk, Crawford Central, Deer Lakes, Wilmington Area, Mars Area, McKeesport Area and West Allegheny.

Municipal Government and Authorities Bond Counsel

We have served as bond counsel in representing a wide range of municipal governments and authorities throughout Pennsylvania. We have represented our clients in connection with the issuance of general obligation, sewer revenue, water revenue, recreational facility and infrastructure improvement bonds. Among the clients we have represented in this area are: Municipal Water Authority of Adams Township, North Franklin Township, the West Branch Sewer Authority, Clairton Municipal Authority, Fox Chapel Authority, Kiski Valley Water Pollution Control Authority, Pine-Harrisville Authority and Southwestern Pennsylvania Water Authority. A comprehensive list of our experience representing municipal governments and authorities as bond counsel is available here.

Counties and County Agencies Bond Counsel

We have served as bond counsel for a number of counties and county agencies throughout Pennsylvania. Included in our client list are: Butler County, Clarion County, Mercer County, Somerset County and Warren County. 

General Obligation Bonds, Series B of 2009

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 authorized certain issuers to issue taxable bonds known as "Build America Bonds" to finance capital expenditures for which it could issue tax-exempt bonds. Dinsmore & Shohl served as bond counsel to the Penn Hills School District on one of the first and largest issues of Build America Bonds by a school district in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Hospital Revenue Refunding and Improvement Bonds, 2009 Series A

Dinsmore & Shohl served as counsel for Charleston Area Medical Center, Inc., the Charleston Area Medical Center Foundation, Inc. and their affiliates in connection with the public offering of tax-exempt revenue bonds, to finance the cost of refunding certain previously incurred indebtedness and paying a portion of the termination payment related to the termination of a hedge agreement entered into in connection with the issuance of such previously incurred indebtedness.

Federal Taxable Revenue Bonds, Series A of 2010

When the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania decided to utilize certain financing options under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act by issuing (direct payment) Qualified School Construction Bonds in order to assist certain less wealthy, or fast-growing, school districts within the state, Dinsmore & Shohl was there, serving as local bond counsel to approximately one-sixth of the pool of participating school districts.

Exempt Facilities Revenue Bonds, Series 2009

In July, 2009, Dinsmore & Shohl served as company counsel to Allegheny Energy Supply Company, LLC in connection with the public offering of Exempt Facility Revenue Bonds, to finance the cost of acquiring, constructing, equipping and/or installing of certain pollution control equipment and solid waste disposal facilities.