Douglas J. McEvoy


Provide Counsel and Patent Prosecution

We provide counsel and patent prosecution in both injection molding and extrusion technology to a plastics manufacturer. This includes formed plastic and/or the process for creating components for plasticized material or composites

Provide Counsel and Patent Prosecution to Medical Device Manufacturer

We have been providing patent work for medical implant technology/devices, including hip, knee, shoulder, elbow and spine. The technologies mix different materials, which minimize the debris or fragmentation, last longer than previous devices and are more require a less traumatic surgery to surrounding bone and tissue.

Provide counsel and patent prosecution to alternative pallet design

We represent the manufacturer of alternative, lightweight pallets made from corrugated cardboard, which is sprayed with heavy duty environmental material. The coating makes the corrugated cardboard as strong as wood without the added weight.

Provide counsel and patent prosecution to product manufacturers

We provide patent and patent prosecution work for the following:
A weapons manufacturer
The manufacturer of seat latch mechanisms
The manufacturer for industrial egg equipment