Equine Industry

Equine Tax Review

Together with industry tax advisors at Dean Dorton, our equine attorneys offer equine owners and professionals an up-to-date sales and use tax resource you can download and use as your own reference guide for transactions.

Sales and use tax is applicable in every state and must be considered when structuring each equine transaction. Often the horse, the purchaser and the seller are in three different states at the time of the closing. Consideration must be given to which state’s tax laws may apply.

In our Equine Sales & Use Tax Review, we have noted the most common types of transactions that generate sales and use tax questions, and have further distinguished sales tax issues from use tax issues, where applicable. Each state summary includes information on breeding stock sales, racehorse sales, breeding rights, fractional interests, and the like, and offers an easy way to compare provisions between states.

We update this publication frequently and endeavor to update the citations frequently. Check this site for the most up-to-date version.

Please note this publication is a guide only. The laws of a particular state may have changed since publication. Please consult your attorney and tax advisor on any specific transaction.

Download your copy here.