Minority Business Enterprise Webinar Series: ​​​​​​​Adapting to a Changed World

Four Part Series In July

As we cautiously assess plans to emerge from the pandemic, business operations are likely to look very different. 

Successful businesses will be the ones that learn to adapt — those willing to evaluate current business models, how they position themselves in the market, and how their current operations can be improved to ensure the safety of their employees and customers.

Adapting to a Changed World is a four-part webinar series presented by Dinsmore attorneys, in collaboration with Greater Cleveland Partnership and The Presidents’ Council Business Chamber, designed to equip minority-owned businesses with practical legal insights and strategies to assess, adapt and reposition for success.
Presented over four weeks in July, these 90-minute webinar/panel discussions will explain how to understand the value of strategic partnerships, navigate new tax provisions, access and raise capital, navigate the PPP and landlord/tenant considerations, as well as create a safe workplace.

Whether you are a small business owner or run a large enterprise, we encourage you to attend this informative webinar series.

Week 1: 
Creating Effective Alliances and Partnerships

Tuesday, July 7 • 12:00 pm / ETPresented by: Richik Sarkar, Dinsmore; Erica Penick, The Presidents' Council Business Chamber; and Kevin Johnson, NGI

This 90-minute session includes insightful content plus a half-hour panel discussion.

Learn more about creative and alternative approaches to grow your business and add value to your clients in these uncertain times including:

  • Identifying the Right Consultants;
  • Re-imagining competitors as potential collaborators;
  • Forming strategic partnerships to pivot to new markets; and
  • Demystifying partnering agreements.

Week 2: 
Navigating the New Tax Provisions

Tuesday, July 14 • 12:00 pm / ET
Presented by: Kelvin Lawrence, Dinsmore; Sante Ghetti, Greater Cleveland Partnership

This 90-minute session includes helpful content plus a half-hour panel discussion.

Learn more about:

  • FFCRA paid sick leave and family and medical leave tax credits;
  • CARES Act employee retention credits;
  • Payroll tax deferral;
  • Net operating loss changes;
  • Changes to excess business loss limitations; and
  • Favorable changes for business interest deductibility

Week 3: 
Accessing & Raising Capital Plus Negotiating With Key Stakeholders

Tuesday, July 21 • 12:00 pm / ET
Presented by: Lenny Asaro, Christian Gonzalez and Jason Sims

Learn more about:

  • Raising capital utilizing private placements and other equity mechanisms;
  • Reviewing loans/lines of credit and dealing with banks;
  • Recent changes to PPP that provides for more flexibility;
  • Managing and negotiating with vendors and creditors; and
  • Landlord/tenant/business licensing consideration.

Week 4: 
Practical Employment Considerations for a Returning Workforce

Tuesday, July 28 • 12:00 pm / ET
Presented by: J.T. Wilson, III and Jessica Chang

This 90-minute session includes instructional content plus a half-hour panel discussion.

Learn more about:

  • Staggering return dates;
  • Limiting customer in-person interactions; and
  • Creating a safe work environment.