In Law & Equity LGBTQ Affinity Group


Dinsmore Celebrates Pride 2021

In marking the annual Pride Month celebration, we recognize the achievements and influence of the LGBTQ+ community around the world. It is also important to remember Pride is a call to action and a time for awareness in the fight for equality. Dinsmore is proud to spotlight our attorneys and staff members who are using their voices to help unite us and find common ground as we continue to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into every facet of our firm culture.

“From Stonewall in 1969 to the historic SCOTUS decisions establishing marriage and workplace equality, the LGBTQ+ community has been unrelenting in our quest for equality and inclusion in our neighborhoods, workplaces and schools,” said In Law & Equity LGBTQ Affinity Group Facilitator John E. Selent. “I am encouraged and inspired by those in our firm who are doing so much to ignite long-lasting change from firm executive leadership to our affinity group members.

The firm remains committed to maintaining a culture that is welcoming and accepting of everyone.” We hope you enjoy reading about how our colleagues are meeting the moment and making us all stronger together.


What Our People, Allies, and Clients Have to Say

With an ongoing effort to create a more equitable environment for all, we asked: What do you believe is the formula for addressing LGBTQ+ issues within the legal industry while maintaining a solid, inclusive community that brings all of us together? 

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John Selent

Partner / Louisville, KY   

Tim Forbess

Dinsmore Client / Columbus, OH   

Natalia Radic

Paralegal / Cleveland, OH  

Jerrad Howard  

Partner / Cincinnati, OH   

Lee Stautberg  

Partner / Ally / Cincinnati, OH   

Tayler Bryant

LGBTQ Scholarship Recipient / Louisville, KY   

Aly St. Pierre  

Associate / Indianapolis, IN   

Lyndsey Miller

Paralegal / Cleveland, OH   

Leslie Wolfe

Partner / Ally / Cleveland, OH