Dinsmore Receives Top Rankings in Chambers USA 2012

June 11, 2012News Releases

Dinsmore is pleased to announce that its attorneys have received top rankings - including 12 No. 1 rankings - in Chambers USA 2012 Guide to America's Leading Business Lawyers.

In compiling the current US directory, thousands of interviews were conducted throughout the United States carried out by a team of over 50 full-time researchers. Law firms and individual attorneys are ranked in bands from one to six, with one being the best.

This year, several attorneys were ranked No. 1 in their respective field including: Mark A. Carter, Chauncey S.R. Curtz, Frank P. Doheny, Jr., W. Henry Jernigan, Jr., Kim Martin Lewis, Donna King Perry, Christopher B. Power, Kathryn A. Quesenberry, John R. Rhorer, Jr., Lynda E. Roesch and George H. Vincent (see complete, detailed listing below).

Overall, the firm was ranked in 12 total categories with 39 attorneys ranked across numerous practice areas. For more detailed information on the Chambers USA rankings, please click HERE.

Dinsmore Rankings

Ranked 2
Bankruptcy/Restructuring - Ohio
Corporate/M&A - Ohio
Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation - Ohio
Environment, Natural Resources & Utilities - Kentucky
Labor & Employment - Kentucky
Labor & Employment - Ohio
Labor & Employment - West Virginia
Litigation: General Commercial – Kentucky
Litigation: General Commercial - West Virginia
Natural Resources - West Virginia

Ranked 3
Intellectual Property - Ohio
Litigation: General Commercial - Ohio

Individual Rankings


Ranked 1
Kim Martin Lewis (Bankruptcy/Restructuring)
Lynda E. Roesch (Intellectual Property)
George H. Vincent (Corporate/M&A)

Ranked 2
Karen K. Gaunt (Intellectual Property)
Michael W. Hawkins (Labor & Employment)
Donald B. Leach, Jr. (Construction)
Tim J. Robinson (Bankruptcy/Restructuring)
Richard Tranter (Real Estate: Zoning/Land Use)
Mark A. Vander Laan (Litigation: General Commercial)
Ben F. Wells (Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation)

Ranked 3
Calvin D. Buford (Corporate/M&A)
William M. Freedman (Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation)
Michael S. Glassman (Labor & Employment)
Jan E. Hensel (Labor & Employment)
Charles M. Roesch (Labor & Employment)
Joanne M. Schreiner (Real Estate)

Ranked 4
Vincent B. Stamp (Natural Resources & Environment)
Frank C. Woodside, III (Litigation: General Commercial)

Ranked S
Richard A. Killworth (Intellectual Property)
Clifford A. Roe, Jr. (Corporate/M&A)

Ranked U
Jeffrey P. Hinebaugh (Litigation: General Commercial)

Ranked 1
Chauncey S.R. Curtz (Environment, Natural Resources & Utilities: Natural Resources)
Frank P. Doheny, Jr. (Litigation: Medical Malpractice & Insurance Defense)
Donna King Perry (Labor & Employment)
Kathryn A. Quesenberry (Labor & Employment)
John R. Rhorer, Jr. (Environment, Natural Resources & Utilities: Natural Resources)

Ranked 2
Richard H.C. Clay (Litigation: General Commercial)
Barbara B. Edelman (Litigation: General Commercial)
Jon L. Fleischaker (Labor & Employment), (Litigation: General Commercial)
David R. Monohan (Litigation: General Commercial)
Joseph H. Terry (Corporate/M&A), (Intellectual Property)

Ranked 3
Colin H. Lindsay (Litigation: General Commercial)

Ranked U
R. Kenyon Meyer (Litigation: General Commercial)

Ranked 1
Mark A. Carter (Labor & Employment)
W. Henry Jernigan, Jr. (Litigation: General Commercial)
Christopher B. Power (Natural Resources: Environment)
Forrest H. Roles (Labor & Employment)

Ranked 2
Anna M. Dailey (Labor & Employment)
Donna C. Kelly (Natural Resources)

S - Senior Statesman
U - Up and Coming

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