Ohio Professional Licensure, Credentialing & Defense

Substance Abuse/Mental Health Issues

Alcoholism, substance abuse and mental health issues are common causes of disciplinary actions against health care and many other professionals.

These conditions can cause professionals to make poor decisions they otherwise would never make and they can result in Board action on their own, whether they affect job performance or not. Often the professional is required to take certain steps to keep his or her license.

Your story is important to us

Dinsmore counsels professional facing licensing issues stemming from substance abuse and mental health conditions. The majority of our clients have never faced Board discipline. Our attorneys are compassionate and skilled at helping clients navigate what lies ahead. They understand the treatment processes available and the requirements of different professional Boards.

We help health care professionals:

  • Navigate the process of alcohol, substance abuse or mental health assessments, evaluations and treatment;
  • Help them to understand the implications on their professional license and registrations;
  • Explore nondisciplinary options, such as the Ohio Nursing Board's Alternative Program or the Ohio Medical Board's one-bite rule; and
  • Demonstrate the treatment or other steps taken to recover from the illness.

If you are facing a potential disciplinary action, we take the time to listen to your situation, work to resolve your legal issues and give you peace of mind.

Peer Review Representation

Our attorneys represent professionals in peer-review processes, from preparing information to submit to the medical executive or other committees as part of the corrective action process to negotiating mutually agreeable resolutions to full-blown peer review hearings. We guide clients through the entire peer-review process and work toward acceptable outcomes under the circumstances.