Dinsmore adds 4 New Board Members

January 13, 2020News Releases

Dinsmore & Shohl LLP is pleased to announce four new members of its board of directors, as Gregory Kaskey, Ashley Pack, Donna King Perry, and Allison Goico were voted into the 18-member body.

“It’s my pleasure to welcome our four new members to the board,” Vincent said. “I look forward to working with them as we continue to look for opportunities to grow the firm and strengthen our offerings to our clients.”

Pack and Kaskey have been with Dinsmore 19 and 16 years, respectively. Pack, who is also Dinsmore’s youngest female office managing partner (Charleston, West Virginia) is a Labor & Employment partner, while Kaskey is the co-chair of Dinsmore’s Leasing and Property Management division of its Real Estate practice group. Goico joined Dinsmore in 2011 and is now among the youngest female department chairs of any AmLaw 200 firm.

“Leadership has to represent everyone in the firm, and I’m happy to participate in that,” Pack said. “I look forward to bringing a new perspective to the firm’s leadership and working next to those who have built the firm into what it is today.”

Perry led the merger between Dinsmore and her previous firm in 2009. Prior to the merger, she was the first female office managing partner at a major law firm in the state of Kentucky. She returns to the board after an eight-year hiatus, where she will continue being a role model for current and future women in leadership positions in the legal sector.

“The more we look like the businesses and communities we serve, the better we can relate to them, understand them, and bring value to their discussions,” Perry said last year during Dinsmore Women’s Week. “If we are not diverse in today’s world, our credibility suffers.”

Dinsmore has grown significantly in Vincent’s four terms as chairman – from 275 attorneys to nearly 700. Kaskey foresees the new board continuing along that path.

“We haven’t grown just to grow. We look at opportunities that make sense and grow intentionally,” he said.
“We will continue being selective and intentional.”