White Collar Crime

The increased legislative and regulatory scrutiny being placed on a variety of industries has created an environment of uncertainty, with rising external and internal pressure to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse. With more regulatory agencies to answer to than ever before, companies need the requisite guidance, knowledge and experience to navigate the complex, interwoven world of white collar crime, compliance and ethics.

Leveraging extensive experience in counseling and defending clients through investigations and criminal proceedings with an ever-evolving knowledge of regulatory policies, our attorneys understand the importance of precision, efficiency and discretion for each client’s unique circumstances. Boasting a practice group that includes a former U.S. Attorney and First Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio, as well as former Ohio Special Prosecutors and Assistant County Prosecuting Attorneys, we bring established relationships and a familiarity with the regulatory agencies and enforcers, arming our clients with the insight they need to mitigate risk.

We represent both individuals and corporations, utilizing an aggressive approach to handle issues such as subpoena requests, search warrant issues, grand jury testimony and when necessary, criminal and civil proceedings. Additionally, understanding that the evolving regulatory climate inherently brings more risk, we offer proactive counseling on compliance and ethics issues, with an eye toward eliminating potential concerns before they become problems. With a practical, communication-centric approach, our insight and collective experience affords our clients the resources they need to confidently move their business forward.