Beer, Wine & Spirits Industry


As distillers across the country and around the world have grown their offerings and brands, we’ve worked alongside them, ensuring nothing stops them from adding their spirits to patrons’ top shelves.

Our attorneys provide ongoing counsel for clients, answering questions about business operations, retailer relations, advertising, and liquor licensing. We assist with regulatory compliance issues, negotiating and drafting licensing and distilling agreements, and with federal TTB and state licensing applications. We also counsel clients in unique situations, such as setting up contracts between distillers and separate brand owners and investigating ownership options for clients who are vested in other alcohol-based businesses.


Represented the Supplier of a New Spirit-Based Product

When a supplier from New Zealand wanted to introduce a spirits-based product into United States territories, we took the lead on drafting and negotiating an importation and contract-distilling agreement, which provided for eventual state-side production, upon the achievement of specified sales milestones.

Represented Distributor in the Divestiture of its Portfolio

We represented a beer, wine and spirits distributor in the divestiture of its distribution rights portfolio to numerous purchases.

Represented Client Purchasing a West Coast Beer, Wine and Spirits Distributor

We represented the purchaser during its formation of an investment vehicle and subsequent $38 million acquisition of an West Coast-based beer, wine and spirits distributor. We aided our client by negotiating and drafting the asset purchase agreement and ancillary transaction documents, negotiating consents and releases with multiple suppliers, and drafting and negotiating purchaser entity formational documents. We also coordinated due diligence efforts on behalf of our client.