Patent Procurement & Management


Patent Preparation and Prosecution

Our firm works with a large company in the medical device industry in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications related to numerous technologies in its IP portfolio.

Quality Service. Quality Relationships.

Client: RELX Group

For the past 15 years, Dinsmore has been the acting patent counsel for RELX Group, while also advising the company’s outside counsel in patent matters. In addition, we advise on general intellectual property (IP) and labor matters.

“There are three reasons we continue working with Dinsmore,” said Kenneth Thompson II, General Counsel at RELX Group. “The quality of legal work is outstanding; the relationships we’ve developed with the IP group makes it feel like they’re part of my internal team, and relationships are very important to me; and frankly, it’s the same quality of legal advice and relationships at a discounted fee structure compared with global markets.”

RELX, which employs roughly 30,000 people, was founded in 1993 and based in London, UK. The company sells information-driven services and solutions to scientists, lawyers, teachers and business professionals.

“It’s exciting for me as general counsel based in Southwest Ohio for a global company to work with resources also headquartered in Southwest Ohio,” added Thompson. “The depth of our relationship is something that can’t be replaced. I hold the firm and the people in high regard.”

Throughout our history together, we’ve been able to solidify the company’s global patent program, establish processes and procedures for outside counsel and obtain wins on IP cases involving trolls.

Provide Counsel and Patent Prosecution

We provide counsel and patent prosecution in both injection molding and extrusion technology to a plastics manufacturer. This includes formed plastic and/or the process for creating components for plasticized material or composites

Provide Counsel and Patent Prosecution to Medical Device Manufacturer

We have been providing patent work for medical implant technology/devices, including hip, knee, shoulder, elbow and spine. The technologies mix different materials, which minimize the debris or fragmentation, last longer than previous devices and are more require a less traumatic surgery to surrounding bone and tissue.

Provide counsel and patent prosecution to alternative pallet design

We represent the manufacturer of alternative, lightweight pallets made from corrugated cardboard, which is sprayed with heavy duty environmental material. The coating makes the corrugated cardboard as strong as wood without the added weight.

Patent Experience

  • Prosecuted over a thousand patent applications in the United States and abroad.

  • Negotiated hundreds of patent and technology licenses, including litigating patent portfolios and then licensing the successfully litigated patent portfolios to entire industries.

  • Provided numerous opinions regarding patent infringement, validity and enforceability of patents in preparation for enforcing the patents in litigation or defending against the patents in litigation.

Patent Prosecution

The firm drafted patent applications and license agreements related to a portable breath alcohol detector.

Patent Prosecution and Opinion Drafting

Our firm represented a computer printer and electronics company in the drafting of patents and prosecution of patent applications related to consumer electronic products such as printers (laser, ink jet, etc.), scanners and all-in-one units, ink and print head design.

Research and Licensing Agreements

Our firm represented a large company in the automotive industry in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications related to numerous technologies in its IP portfolio, and in preparing and negotiating research agreements with universities. We assisted in implementing cost-effective procedures for conducting patentability analyses and patent preparation for a stream of invention disclosures.