Diverse Perspectives

At Dinsmore, there are no round pegs being forced into square holes. Including diverse opinions is a prime ingredient for everything we do as attorneys — and for our clients’ successes. We thought it best to let our attorneys and staff express to you what they think about the firm, why they work here and it’s impact on them personally and professionally.

Alicia Bond-Lewis
Cincinnati, OH

Dinsmore understands it is in the best interests of the firm, and our clients, to embrace diversity. Over the last few years, I’ve seen the number of diverse attorneys here increase as the firm has been committed to diversity and inclusion initiatives. I’m proud to be a co-chair of the firm’s minority attorney affinity group, which serves as a support system for diverse attorneys so we can continue to not only recruit diverse talent but also retain it.

Jerrad Howard
Louisville, KY

Dinsmore sees different backgrounds as an element that can make any team stronger – rather than a particular profile or discrete attribute, Dinsmore looks at each attorney based on their own abilities and interests and what they can bring to the table.

Erin Farabaugh
Pittsburgh, PA

We are fortunate to have an authentic leadership team, who values diversity and empowers all attorneys to succeed. I believe they are aware of the additional hurdles some with diverse backgrounds may face, and they actively seek to address those issues in their support of professional development and advancement. I have always felt the firm is proud to provide diverse and highly skilled attorneys to its client base.

Christian Gonzalez
Columbus, OH

Most firms talk a lot about diversity on their website or in their materials, but I’ve found it’s mostly talk.

Here, we take an intentional and active interest in promoting diversity, and it starts at the top with our leadership. They really place a priority on promoting diversity and inclusiveness, and it shows in how we approach everything, from interacting with colleagues to working with clients. It’s not just words on a page; there’s real follow-through and a genuine effort to promote diversity.

Marty Dunn
Partner, Diversity Committee Chair

We strive for multiple perspectives in our firm and among our summer associates. Diverse voices and worldview ensure we are providing our clients with comprehensive counsel from varying viewpoints, which is critical in an ever-changing business climate.

Nicole Daniel
Chicago, IL

We have a lot of strong female partners who I can go to with professional matters. You really feel like you’re part of a team, and you know you can count on them for help when you need it. I’ve always felt as though our female leaders are eager to help and mentor you.

John Merchant
Cincinnati, OH

The most impressive part to me is that our diversity efforts are serious throughout the firm. It’s not just a committee that sits off to the side, just so we can say we have a diversity committee. From top to bottom, our firm embraces diversity, and we are all working to make it stronger. From the attorneys to the staff, it’s a fully inclusive effort. So it’s not just a committee. It’s really a part of the conscience of the firm and the foundation on which we are built.

Kaiya Barrett
Business Communications Writer
Cincinnati, OH

I personally feel valued as a diverse Dinsmore staff member, and I have been given every opportunity to excel in my position. As a member of the Marketing Department, I have participated in crafting materials that highlight the firm’s efforts to promote diversity across all departments, and I was also invited to attend the Diversity Committee meetings. The firm sees diversity as a way to move our culture forward, and I am happy to be a part of it.

Lee Stautberg
Cincinnati, OH

Dinsmore is committed to being at the forefront of all aspects of diversity and inclusion at every level – from file clerk to senior partner. What makes us different is we want to see diversity and inclusion within the entire firm – the entire workforce. It’s more than just the “right” ratios, the firm is committed to being reflective of the population at all levels.  Ultimately, our goal is to have a reflective culture and workforce so that diversity and inclusion is the norm – what every encounter, meeting, and day looks and feels like.

Valerie Grove
Practice Support Assistant
San Diego CA

Dinsmore takes a lot of pride in trying to hire diverse staff and attorneys whenever we can. We take diversity very seriously, and we’re always trying to do what we can to help promote it.